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  • Integrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Integrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems incorporate 14 gauge, 316 stainless steel construction, a solid state ultrasonic generator, and 25 or 40 kHz industrial transducer to deliver precise cleaning quickly, consistently, and economically. These cleaning systems with their greater power per unit volume can reduce the cleaning cycle time or handle more difficult industrial cleaning applications. They have a microprocessor-control for precise process management.

    • Digital temperature control with bright digital display
    • 25 or 40 KHz rugged industrial transducers
    • Digital timer set from 1-99 minutes
    • Includes a stainless steel parts basket and a cover with handle
Applications: More densely-packed smaller parts, Heavier or more tenacious soils, Removal from cast parts, Larger machined components
integrated ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Part Number
Integrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, 208V
  • IC1216-25-12-208
  • IC1216-40-12-208
  • IC1620-25-18-208
  • IC1620-40-18-208
Integrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, 230V
  • IC1216-25-12-230
  • IC1216-40-12-230
  • IC1620-25-18-230
  • IC1620-40-18-230