About Us is a division of Bertech-Kelex, a California based company since 1989. Bertech-Kelex is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. We are proud of over 20 years of excellent customer service and quality products..

Ultrasonic technology uses sound waves and solvents to clean a broad range of products from variouse industries. Our products are used by Automotive industry to clean carburetors, by Electronic industry to clean PC boards, by Dentist and Hospitals to clean instruments, by Jewelry manufactures to clean precious metal and gemstones and many other Industrial and Service companies.

Some of our clients are:

        • Apple Computers
        • Boston Scientific
        • Cisco Systems
        • DuPont
        • General Electric
        • Xerox

We are located at:

          640 Maple Avenue
          Torrance, Ca 90503
          Phone: 310-787-0516
          Fax: 310-533-8433

Please feel free to contact us if we you have any questions about the Ultrasonic Cleaning or our products. We are looking forward to serving you.