High Capacity Ultrasonic Cleaners
This low cost ultrasonic cleaner is designed especially for medium and heavy duty industrial applications. It is fully integrated, with ultrasonic generator and cleaning tank in a single enclosure. Solution capacity is 10 gallons - enough to handle large, bulky parts or for batch cleaning of small components. It’s the only industrial size ultrasonic cleaner of its type available today.

The DHA-1000 unit is suitable for use with alkaline, mildly acidic, neutral or caustic aqueous solutions to clean electronic and electrical subassemblies, fabricated metal or plastic components; glass and other materials prior to inspection, assembly or further processing.

Its deep-drawn tank of 304L stainless steel has no corner welds or other dirt-catching surfaces. The tank is insulated for low heat loss and low noise operation. Low-watt density heaters maintain the cleaning solution at the proper temperature for maximum cleaning effectiveness. High efficiency piezoelectric transducers are attached to the tank bottom. The tank also has a stainless steel drain.

Part Number Description Cleaning Power
Tank Capacity
Overall Size
Price Qty Pur.
DHA-1000 10 gal. tank capacity 40 kHz, 120V 1000 16" x 14" x 10 1/2" 19" x 19" x 17" $4,698.00